Heat Pumps

What Are Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a renewable technology that harnesses the energy within the ground and the air to turn it into heat. It provides you with a very low cost solution to having hot water and heating whatever the weather.

They are effective for domestic central heating alongside one of our hot water systems as well as hot water heating. It is an unlimited source of heat for your home.

How Do They Work?

The simple principle of how a heat pump works is opposite to that of a fridge, through heat exchange it is able to transfer heat from outside into your home.

  • The way heat pumps work is that a source of heat, such as air or water can be contained within collectors in the ground outside your home. As this accumulates it is blown over a heat exchange surface on the outside of the heat pump.
  • The heat that is accumulated is warm enough to cause a reaction in the liquid refrigerant to turn it into gas.
  • This freshly produced gas is forced through a compressor which as it increases the pressure of the gas, it also increases the temperature. Because of this effect, the gas gets to a temperature which is more suitable for within the home.
  • The heated gasses then pass over an internal heat exchange, which allows the heat to then be blown around a house, in an air conditioning style system, or can be linked into a central heating or hot water system to then warm water up.
  • As the gas falls in temperature as the energy of the gas is used on heating water it then returns to its liquid state for it to repeat the cycle of travelling to a ground pump and back into the house to heat your home or office space.