Ecompact 250 Install backed up by 3 Phase Solar PV

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Ecompact 250 Install backed up by 3 Phase Solar PV

For this customer, they already had a large solar PV array supplying some power to the house across 3 phases. We are currently undertaking the work, we have installed an Ecompact 250 to heat the water for the customer in the times when their is not enough sun, for example during the winter. However through the use of controllers we have been able to control and optimise the output on the customer solar panels so they are linked to 3 immersions  across their thermal store. Meaning that when the sun is shining instead of exporting the power back to the grid, the customer is able to heat is water free of charge. Not only is the water being heated using the solar panels, another feature of the controllers is that we are able to control some of the circuits within the customers house so that when the sun is shining the power from the solar panels is also diverted to the use of the washing machine and cooker. This allows the customer to use the appliances on his own free generated electricity.


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June 19, 2018

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