Log Gasification

What are Log Gasification Boilers?

Log gasification systems work through burning logs, in a highly efficient manner. They super heat wood so that when gasses are released from the wood due to the heat, they are burnt as well. This means that more of the wood is burnt without anywhere as near as many emissions; as the gasses usually formed by burning wood are burnt off.

Most of the log gasifiers that we supply have efficiency ratings of over 80%. However this is often reliant on the quality of the wood, the better the wood and the drier it is, the more efficiently it will burn. An example of a log gasification system that we have installed is the Arikazan.

To be able to run a log gasification system you need to have a large supply of wood, so it is ideal if you own a woodland and are willing to cultivate it to heat your home. If you don’t have access to plentiful supplies of wood for free, we would recommend a biomass pellet system instead.