Log Gasification

The reduced emissions and smoke make log gasification an ideal system if you have a plentiful supply of wood.

Log gasification systems work by burning logs in a highly efficient manner. They super-heat wood which causes gasses to be released from it, due to the high temperature, which can be burned as well. This means that more of the wood is burnt with a fraction of the emissions because the gasses usually formed by burning wood are burned too.

Most of the log gasifiers supplied by Bywhe have efficiency ratings of over 80%. This is often reliant on the quality of the wood, the better the wood and the drier it is, the more efficiently it will burn. An example of a log gasification system that Bywhe has successfully installed is the Arikazan.

To be able to run a log gasification system effectively you need to have a large supply of wood so, it is the perfect system if you own a woodland and are willing to cultivate it to heat your home. If you don’t have access to plentiful free supplies of good quality wood, we would recommend a biomass pellet system instead.



What is Log Gasification?

Log gasification is an innovative way to utilise the burning of wood. They heat wood to extremely high temperatures which causes gasses to be released which can be then also be burned.

How does Log Gasification work?

The simplest way to understand it is that wood is burned, and the gases which are created during that process can then be burned again which creates energy to heat a boiler.

How much can you save?

Using log gasification can be extremely cost-effective for those with access to plentiful supplies of good quality wood. They also help to contribute to lower emissions meaning you can reduce your carbon footprint. The log gasification systems we install have a massive efficiency rating of over 80%. The best way to ensure these efficiency rates is to use good quality, dry wood that will burn quickly.

Is my house suitable?

Log gasification systems are recommended for households that have constant access to large supplies of free wood, so those with large areas of woodland will benefit most from this specific renewable technology. Our extensive experience in renewable technology means we can offer you reliable advice on what would work best for your household so please get in touch for further information, advice and support. 

What grants are available?

The Renewable Heat Incentive RHI has driven the increase in the use of renewable heat technologies in domestic homes. The scheme can cover log gasification systems so learn more here.


The Benefits of Log Gasification