Wood Burners

Whatever your reason for wanting a wood burner, Bywhe have the experience and expertise to help you find a stove to meet your every need. 

A wood burner is a heater or stove that is fuelled by burning wood. They are often associated with country living but more recently they are fast becoming common fixtures within modern homes too. They have timeless appeal and create a cosy and comforting atmosphere. A wood burner is often the statement piece of the room in which they are installed and they truly complete the family home.



How much do wood burners cost?

Investing in the installation of a wood burner for your home can start from under £1000 for a basic stove and installation. Each installation has contributory factors that affect the price so for a bespoke quote please get in touch so we can offer you individual advice and prices based on what suits your needs best.

Do you need permission to install a wood burner?

Planning permission is not normally required for the installation of a wood burner as long as the flue does not extend more than one metre above the highest part of the roof. You should check with your local authority if your home is a listed building or if you live in an area with restrictive community covenants.

Can I still have a wood burner if I don’t have a chimney?

Fortunately there are options available to install a wood burner in homes that do not have a chimney Bywhe are experts in the installation of wood burners and we can explore all the options available to suit your home when we provide you with an initial assessment and quotation.


Our Range

Bywhe install a wide range of wood burners supplied by Stovesonline. They sell a broad range of different brands and types to suit all requirements. There are options to suit those who prefer the more traditional style and those looking for something modern and contemporary. Stovesonline have something to suit everyone. 

British manufacturer Broseley Stoves are renowned for producing stoves built to last, and Opus stoves offer contemporary style with their rounded or sharp lines depending on the design within your home. 

Another option is a stunning and eye-catching Inset Stove which is built into a wall or a false chimney breast leaving only the front visible. These come in a range of styles and sizes from traditional to modern to cassette.

Double-sided stoves allow the stove to open into two rooms which perfectly meets the requirements for open-plan living. These can be like the Fondis range which are inset and built into the wall between the two rooms or that can be built into a wall in the middle of a room. There is the Hunter and Ekol ranges which are more traditional looking wood burners but are double sided so can sit in a central chimney stack either in an open plan room or in two separate rooms.

The different ranges include both wood-burning stoves and multi fuel stoves which burn coal as well.

Bywhe are avid fans of wood burners and both Ron and Rob have wood burners installed in their houses. Rob has a Morso Squirrel stove and Ron has a dry Orion wood burner.