Wood Burners

Wood Burners

Wood Burners

We install a wide range of wood burners supplied by Stovesonline. They sell a broad range of different brands and types to suit all requirements. Whether you prefer the more traditional style or are looking for something a bit more modern or contemporary Stovesonline have it all. From the British manufactured Broseley Stoves, renowned for producing stoves built to last to the more contemporary Opus stoves with their rounded or sharp lines depending on the style suitable for your home.

Another option is an Inset Stove which is built into a wall or a false chimney breast leaving only the front visible. These come in a range of styles and sizes from traditional to modern to cassette.

There are also double sided stoves which allows the stove to open into two rooms. These can be like the Fondis range which are inset and built into the wall between the two rooms or for something more contemporary built into a wall in the middle of a room. Or there is the Hunter and Ekol ranges which are more traditional looking wood burners but are double sided so can sit in a central chimney stack either in an open plan room or in two separate rooms.

The different ranges include both wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves which burn coal as well.

Both Ron and Rob have wood burners installed in their houses. Rob has a Morso Squirrel stove and Ron has a dry Orion wood burner.

Whatever your requirements there will be a wood burner to suit all your needs.


Chimneys and Flues

If there isn’t an existing chimney in the property then we can install a twin wall flue system. If there is an existing chimney that doesn’t have a liner we can line it with flexi stainless liner and insulation. Other parts required include register plates, anti downdraft cowls and where necessary CO alarms.


Building Regulations

All wood burner and chimney/flue installations need to be signed off by someone who is approved to do so in line with building regulations. As a registered NAPIT installer we are authorised to register all installations with the local authority to ensure compliance with building regulations.


Our Experience

Ron and the team have many years of installing wood burners and these are one of the things alongside flues etc. that we install a lot of.