Bronpi Huelva Stove

The Bronpi Huelva is a unique statement stove; there are very few wood burners that have the facility for you to see the fire on all four sides. It is quite a show stopper.

If you are looking for a wood burning stove for a large open-plan space the Bronpi Huelva may well be the stove to suit. The stove sits centrally, allowing you to view the fire from all four sides. It has a heat output of 16kw and is manufactured from cast iron and steel. The log store that is incorporated in the stove adds impact to the overall look as well as storing logs. The stove has a steel hood sitting over the firebox with a square tube going to the ceiling concealing the flue within.

You can fit 200mm diameter double skin flue within this cover – so you will have no visible changes from single to double skin flue to take away from the great visual impact of the stove.

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