Dunsley Yorkshire boiler stove

The Dunsley Yorkshire central heating stove is a woodburning stove with a backboiler that is exempt for burning wood in smokeless zones. The Dunsley Yorkshire stove achieves this by supplying the combustion air to the top of the fire, then drawing the hot flue gases down through the fire (which further heats the gases) and passing them into an insulated afterburn chamber at the back of the fire. Fresh air is introduced to this chamber which ignites unburnt flue gases, producing much lower emissions and giving off a lot more heat. Dunsley report temperatures in this afterburn chamber up to 1100 ° C. Above this chamber the very hot flue gases pass under the top of the boiler and pass lots of heat to the water before exiting up the flue.

The Yorkshire stove has a built in thermostat that controls the amount of air to the fire. The thermostat regulates the air supply according to the temperature of the water leaving the backboiler. If your house is cold for example then the water will be colder and the Dunsley Yorkshire will automatically turn itself up to meet the need for extra heat.

There is the option of an external air intake which means that the stove can draw the air needed for combustion from the outside. However you would still require an air brick for the secondary air intake which is taken from the room and creates the air wash system.

The Yorkshire stove has a riddling grate and a good airwash system to keep the large window clear of deposits. The Yorkshire central heating stove is available as a dedicated woodburner or as a multifuel stove – both versions are exempt for woodburning in smoke control areas. The Yorkshire is also available as a woodburning or multifuel stove without the backboiler – this version is also exempt for smokeless zones. Pictured and priced here is the Dunsley Yorkshire woodburning central heating stove.

Many people choose a wood burning stove as a green source of heating, it is an added bonus that the wood will often proove to be cheaper too.