Esse Warmheart Stove

Anyone who has seen the Esse Ironheart Range cooker will be able to see the similarities between the models.
This is a smaller wood only compact model with ability to heat the room through radiant and convection heat while at the same time providing a hot plate on top where you can boil a kettle and heat your food!
The cast iron top plate has a graduating heat varying between 190*c-300*c – and inside the firebox you will be able to grill and cook meals.
You can also add a small clip in boiler to the stove so as well as heating hot water on top of the stove in a kettle you can put some heating into showers and radiators.
This can be connected to a simple vented water system – giving you an option for a neat heating and cooking solution if you wish to live independantly without relying on the grid.
There is also another model with a bigger firebox called the Esse Bakeheart.