Fondis Ulys 1100XXL Insert Wood Stove

The Fondis Ulys 1100XXL insert stove is the same width as the Ulys 1100 but with a taller door, so giving an even bigger window to view the fire through.

The Ulys 1100XXL has a high efficiency of 74% and is very clean burning. It shares the characteristic with the other Ulys stoves of being extremely controllable and has a heat output of between 5 and 17 kW. While it has the potential to give out lots of warmth if it is needed, it will keep a clean glass and a good flame pattern even when it is burning at lower temperatures. Keeping in line with the rest of the range, this model has the facility to duct heat to other rooms in the house.

Narrow frames now available, these will be 100mm in depth as opposed to the standard frames of 160mm. Thus bringing the glass window closer to the face of the wall.
These narrow frames are installed where Thermalux board is being used.

Why not see what this stove will look like in your house? The Fondis Visualiser uses Augmented Reality to let you see what your Fondis stove will look like in your room using the camera on your smartphone or tablet. The Fondis Visualiser instructions can be found here or in the brochure.

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