Opus Melody

The Melody is the truly classic Opus. No fuss or faddle, just lovely clean lines and a tall curved glass. You don’t need the hinged door on the bottom, but it gives it that sleek elegant look.

It’s a beautiful piece of furniture even before it’s lit, but once the wood starts to crackle, the flames start to dance and the room fills with orange firelight then the cares of the world seem far far away.

Behind that stylish exterior lies a truly sophisticated combustion system. It is the first stove to utilise the throat baffle to pre-heat the combustion air, so your Melody will already be burning beautifully while the competition is still warming up. A cleaner burn, even lower emissions and a clearer glass – what’s not to love.

The Opus Melody low emission SE model has been lab tested to 70% under the London particulate emission limits. Swapping from inefficient open fires and older stoves to one like the Melody is part of the answer to fixing air quality.

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