Panoramic FX1 wood stove

The Panoramic FX1 stove is one of the most stunning stoves we saw being exhibited at the 2010 Hearth and Homes exhibition. Looked at from above you can see that it is truly oval in shape, with a very wide curved window running almost the full width. The pedestal which the Panoramic FX1 stove sits is a little smaller than the main body of the stove making the fire even more impressive as it seems to hover above the ground when seen from the right angle. The pedestal also forms a handy place to store some firewood. The Panoramic FX1 really is a rather special stove.

The firebox is well insulated and hence this is an efficient woodburner. The extra width that the shape gives you means you can also load in longer logs, which means less sawing and less chopping, and more time spent watching the flames with your feet up.

The Panoramic FX1 was designed and is made here in the UK by Future Fires and comes with a 5 year warranty. Pictured here with black top, door and pedestal and pewter panels.

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