Klover Traditional Smart 120 wood pellet stove

With an output to water of 19 kW, and total automation, the Smart 120 pellet cooker will take care of all your heating and hot water needs. It will also give you a hot oven and hotplate when the stove is running, as well as being a really stylish addition to your kitchen. As with all Klover wood pellet boilers, the Smart 120 is superbly built and designed with great attention to detail. It lights itself in the morning, so that your house is warm when you wake up, makes sure that there is plenty of hot water, and is there ready to cook your breakfast in a warm kitchen. You can set it exactly as you would an oil or gas boiler so that it comes on and goes off to fit in with the way you live.

On the left hand side of the boiler is the hopper that holds 32 kilos of pellets, which are automatically fed into the fire chamber as fuel is required. Once every day or two you simply top up the hopper with a bag of pellets and with Klover’s advanced combustion system the fuel is being burnt at over 90% efficiency. You are burning a fuel that is nearly carbon neutral, clean and easy to use and all at a considerable saving compared to oil or gas.

The Smart 120 wood pellet boiler is now available with stainless steel hob covers. These enable you to control the amount of heat that goes straight to the kitchen as well as speeding up the time it takes the radiators and water to get hot, and the oven and hotplate to come up to temperature. With the hob covers down, the heat going directly to the room is estimated be less than 2 kW and there will be a proportional increase in the heat going straight into the central heating and domestic hot water. You can see the hob covers pictured fitted to the Klover Traditional Smart 120 pellet cooker

The Klover Smart 120 wood pellet boiler stove qualifies for the RHI biomass grant, this provides payments to people who use renewable energy to heat their homes.  Click on the link to find out how much you could receive.

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