Vermont Defiant Woodburning Stove

The Vermont Defiant is a dedicated woodburner with a 9.5kW nominal output. In the US the Defiant stove is rated at over 20kW so do not doubt that it can give out more heat if needed, making it well suited to large rooms. Like other Vermont stoves the Defiant is made, and cast, in-house meaning that Vermont keep a tight rein on the quality and consistency throughout manufacture. The large double doors of the Defiant stove have the classic Vermont lattice effect in the casting making the stove ideal for a traditional setting. If you wish to run the Defiant stove with the doors open, or even totally removed, so you can sometimes have that cosy, open fire effect, the stove must be installed using a 200mm flue system.  A sparkscreen is available if you are going to run the stove with the doors open which stops any flying sparks from coming out into the room.

Airwash, cleanburn and an easy-clean, swing-out ashpan come as standard with the Vermont Defiant and for a stove of this size the top loading door comes in handy so you can really load those logs in there. The top loading door becomes a hotplate when closed so you can also cook on your Defiant stove, very useful and especially helpful if there is a powercut.