Vermont Encore Woodburning Stove

The Vermont Encore stove is an 8kW woodburning stove with the classic Vermont looks. The top loading door is especially useful for putting on those longer logs – the Encore can take logs up to 560mm long. The top door also acts as a hot plate for a kettle or pan to sit on. The Vermont Encore Wood stove has an 8kw heat output which means it is suited to heating a medium sized room. The Encore has a 2-in-1 feature which means that you can decide to burn in catalytic mode which means a more efficient burn and lower emissions or in non-catalytic mode which gives you a more natural flame pattern. The Vermont Encore has an effective airwash system and the easy to empty swing out ashpan.

The Vermont Encore 2in1 woodburning stove may be used with the doors open, but only if installed into a larger 8″ flue system.