Vermont Intrepid II Woodburning Stove

The Intrepid is one of the best known stoves from Vermont Castings. The Intrepid II Woodburning stove is designed to burn wood and only wood.

The Vermont Intrepid 2 Woodburner incorporates a catalyst at the back of the fire chamber through which all the flue gases are drawn. The catalyst reduces emissions as well as increasing efficiency. The Intrepid II woodburning stove is Defra exempt which means that you can burn wood on it in smoke control areas. If you choose a Vermont model you have by no means gone for a cheap option, but the brilliant design and function will prove that you are dealing with a top product.

This is a stove with thermostatic control of the primary air supply giving you a degree of automatic control over the heat given out by the Intrepid. The Vermont Intrepid top loading door means that you can easily load those bigger logs, and the top plate of the stove can also be used to cook on or to boil some water for a cup of tea.

Shown here in a matt black finish, the Intrepid stove is also available in a variety of enamelled colours. The warming shelves are an optional extra.

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