December 2016

Smart 120

Ron and his team from Bywhe did a superb job for me, I have been delighted by their integrity and expertise at every stage of the installation of my Smart 120 pellet stove. Ron was very patient and happy to answer my questions at all stages. Throughout the period of work in the house they were always respectful and considerate, working on very late when necessary to leave things as tidy and convenient as possible. For them the most important outcome is a really happy customer and they put in the time and effort to ensure that. In my case their journey to the site was a very long one but there was no hesitation about sorting our small details after completion. I couldn’t be more pleased, so many thanks Bywhe!

Angela Seal, Kingsbridge


June 2017

Smart 120

Thank you for doing such a great job….we hope that we can convert more people and will be handing your cards out!


November 2018

Smart 120

I went with a Pellet boiler installed by local guys and can’t recommend them or the Klover Smart 120 stove enough. This was a huge investment for me and it took a long time for me to commit. The installers were very helpful – two home visits and many conversations exploring the most appropriate systems, plus they were kind enough to show me their own stove in action at home. For me this was the clincher. Nothing like seeing something actually working well in someone’s home. There seems to be so little info on these in the UK which is such a shame as they are just great – I am a real convert.

Pete, Perranporth


January 2019

Solar Thermal

I wanted to thank Ron and the team for their hard work over the last couple of days. It was really easy having them in the house and they left the place neat and tidy, which is great…..We were very pleased and the roof looks great.


March 2019

Smart 120

We have had our stove for nearly six months now and we are so pleased we made the investment. We had the red one and it looks beautiful. It took about five days to install and the Bywhe team were a pleasure to have around the house. For the first time our house is warm and dry and drying clothes has never been so easy! I try and cook as much as I can on it and as long as you allow enough time and don’t keep checking it cooks well. It took me a little while after having Rayburns to come to terms with it being noisier and having the fan but once you understand that it is fundamentally a boiler, you get used to it very quickly. It’s lovely to be able to see the flame through the glass window. It’s really easy to fill and to clean out and you really only have to clean it once a week! We have had our first RHI payment, it seemed too good to be true until we actually received the payment. All in all we are really pleased with it, it looks fantastic and performs really well.

Really pleased with the work Bywhe have done around our house including a wood pellet stove installation. The whole team are lovely and a pleasure to have working in your home. They are very busy though so make sure you book them in quickly!

Sarah, Launceston


May 2019

Flue installation

Well done to the Bywhe team who did a great job on the installation and were a really friendly and inclusive team who had the eye for attention to detail – a recommendation any time guys.

A great project and a statement piece that is already making me smile whenever I go in to that room.

Thank you all so much


July 2019

Smart 120

I just wanted to thank you for completing the new central heating system on cost and on time. Your team were a pleasure to deal with. The Klover 120 stove is proving very efficient and easy to maintain and the RHI payment is a huge bonus.

Nigel, South Brent