Wood Burners

Pellet Stoves

Wood Burners

A modern wood burning stove has the power to completely transform a room. Contemporary doesn’t have to mean cold, and your new stove will add warmth and comfort without detracting from the up-to-date fashionable design which you’ve worked so hard to create. A modern stove makes a statement, so use it as a feature to add brightness and character to any space.

Biomass Pellet Stoves

Biomass Boilers are not only good for the environment but also good on your pocket, with running costs lower than that of oil and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) there has never been a better time to upgrade to this type of heating and hot water system in your home.

Thermal Solar

Make use of the South West’s glorious sunshine and turn it into free hot water. A particularly efficient method of creating a supply of hot water in the summer, but effective all year round. Solar Thermal is one of the best renewable energies to make use of in this part of the country.

Log Gasification Systems

Our Log Gasification Systems make use of a different style of boiler stove. They are efficient with high heat outputs and they run using logs. All you need to do is fill the boiler up with logs and it will do the rest. Low on emissions and smoke make it an ideal system if you have a plentiful supply of wood.

Hot Water Systems

We supply hot water systems to homes alongside our renewable technologies. However we can also fit and update a previous and existing hot water system to be more efficient with today’s modern technologies. Meaning you can heat your home for longer and cheaper. With our renewable systems as well we are able to drastically reduce the cost of heating your house over the year, by installing a full and calculated hot water system in conjunction with a renewable system, such as biomass which will actually give you payment over time for having it installed.