Underfloor Heating

There is little that can describe the feeling of walking on a warm floor on a cold winter’s morning. Underfloor heating distributes heat evenly and it provides a comfortable and constant level of heat.

There are 2 main types of under floor heating systems and Bywhe are trusted installers of both.

Electric under floor heating system. 

An electric under floor heating system consists of an electric wire which is installed either beneath on within the flooring to heat a room or area in the house. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat located in each room and provides a low maintenance form of heating.

Wet under-floor heating system.

A wet under-floor heating system is a series of pipes which are connected to a boiler via a manifold. Like radiators it circulates warm water through the pipes to heat the space. However, because the heat produced is more evenly distributed the water can be heated to a lower temperature than that for a radiator system and is therefore more energy efficient.

We have experience with installing wet underfloor heating that can be run directly from a pellet boiler, we have also installed systems linked to a wood burner with back boiler.



Will under-floor heating work in my home?

Under-floor heating can be used with most types of floors. Although normally associated with solid floors it can be used in carpeted rooms if the carpet and underlay are not too thick.

Underfloor Heating is increasingly popular in new builds and renovation projects for a number of reasons.

  • Increased energy efficiency in the right circumstances
  • Heating in each room is programmable independently 
  • No radiators on the walls frees up wall space 

This water under-floor system was installed throughout the house with a Klover Smart 120, solar thermal and wood burners.

Is under-floor heating more efficient than radiators?

Under-floor heating systems are on average around 30% more efficient than traditional radiators. They also provide the option of being able to control the temperature of each room individually which means you can heat your home with acute control and balanced distribution in each room.

How much will an under-floor heating system cost?

The cost of each under-floor heating system installation is affected by many variables. Bywhe offer bespoke quotes based on your individual home and needs and our knowledge and expertise allows us to offer expert, specialist, advice to make sure you get the best value for money.